San Juan Wilderness - Adventure Program

San Juan Wilderness is the most Adventure Oriented Wilderness Therapy Program.

Our students naturally respond well to healthy risk-taking. We focus on the physical and emotional safety of our students, and all activities are “Challenge by Choice.” To overcome these obstacles as a group, students must embrace teamwork, perseverance, and self-confidence. Success depends on planning, practice and performance, not to mention a positive mental attitude. These lessons transfer to life when students participate in school, college, athletics, and in the workplace. Students emerge from these courses with an increased resistance to negative influences, and with skills that can be used throughout their lives.

Adventure Education Courses include:

Rock Climbing: Safety Lecture, Equipment Check, Ground-School Practice, Knots, Anchors, Belaying, Rappelling, Climbing Techniques and climbs of various difficulty.

Kayaking: Swimming Pool Practice-Wet-Exit, Basic Techniques; Class 1 River Trip-Safety Lecture, River Hazards, Whitewater Swimming, Ferry, Eddy Turns; Class 2 River Trip-Surfing, Mock River Rescue.

Mountaineering: 14,000 Foot Peak Ascent-Safety Lecture, Trip Planning, Orienteering, Emergency Procedures, AboveTree-Line Hazards, Pre-Trip Planning and Conditioning.

Mountain Biking: Safety Lecture and Equipment, Bike Repair and Maintenance, Route Selection, Technical Riding Techniques, 10 and 20 Mile Cross Country Rides.

Additional Courses: Show-Shoeing/X-Country Skiing, Fly-Fishing.

Nothing in the World can take the place of Perseverance.

Talent will Not; Nothing is More Common than Unsuccessful People with Talent.

Genius will Not; Unrewarded Genius is almost a Proverb.

Education will Not; The World is full of Educated Derelicts.

Persistence and Determination Alone are Omnipotent.

PRESS ON! – Calvin Coolidge

San Juan Wilderness
Teen Therapy Program
Experiential by Nature



San Juan Wilderness
Six to Nine WeekTherapeutic
Programs for
Troubled Teens and their Families.

  • Licensed Therapeutic
    Wilderness Program
  • Licensed Residential
    Treatment Center
  • Colorado Dept of
    Education Accredited
  • 12 Years Experience
    with Troubled Teens
  • Tuition $250
    per day

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