San Juan Wilderness - Admissions and Tuition

Referral Checklist

  1. Phone Conference with Program.
  2. Complete Application Packet.
  3. Parents / Student Interviews.
  4. Psychological Evaluations and/or other Summaries.
  5. Physical Exam, Drug Screen and Medication Issues.
  6. Transportation Arrangements. (Colorado Springs or Alamosa Airport)
  7. Contract Packet and Payment Agreement.

Student Profiles
Our students are boys, ages 13-17, who are facing similar challenges including:

  • ADHD, Learning Difficulties, Discipline Problems at School, Low Achievement
  • Bi-Polar, Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Low Motivation
  • Rebellious, Angry, Defiant, Beyond Parental Control, Manipulative
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse, Choosing Negative Friends
  • Adoption Related Issues, Attachment Disorders, Grief and Loss
  • Recovering from Physical or Emotional Abuse, Neglect, or Sexual Abuse

All potential students are carefully screened and evaluated for emotional or psychological disturbances. We cannot take very high-risk youth including recently suicidal, psychotic, recently or extremely violent youth, bedwetting, or sex offenders. In addition, certain physical conditions are not suitable for participation in wilderness programs (see list below).
Call 719-852-4799 for questions.

Physical Restrictions

  1. Underweight (less than 100 lb. total body weight) or current eating disorder.
  2. Overweight (more than 50% over ideal body weight) or current eating disorder.
  3. Orthopedic conditions that would prevent backpacking, trail work, etc.
  4. Diseases including; diabetes, chronic asthma, hypoglycemia, epilepsy, heart disease, high blood pressure or kidney disease.
  5. Drug and alcohol addicts requiring medical detoxification.
  6. Certain medication regimens.

Tuition and Payment Options

San Juan is committed to affordable options for troubled teens and their families. Tuition for San Juan Wilderness is $295 - $345 per day, depending of the level of care needed for your child, as determined by client history and current status. Tuition includes all aspects of the program, including outdoor equipment, all therapeutic services (excluding optional psychological evaluation), and transportation once students arrive in Colorado, with no additional charges of any kind.

A non-refundable deposit of $2,500 is needed to secure your child’s place in the program. The balance is due prior to the first day of enrollment. Partial scholarships are available, based on need and availability.

San Juan Wilderness requires payment in advance of enrollment and insurance reimbursement is the responsibility of the parents. San Juan can itemize clinical therapeutic services performed by licensed therapists for our clients, totaling about 25% of the cost of the program. Insurance companies will often reimburse for this portion of the program. Most insurance companies require pre-authorization for residential treatment or drug and alcohol treatment. In addition, a referral by a licensed professional, such as a psychiatrist or, licensed therapists is usually required. Check with your insurance company for details.

Educational Loans
Educational loans are available for private / boarding school enrollment. We have a list of educational loan officers who would be happy to work with you. You can check with your bank, credit union, etc. for details.


San Juan Wilderness
Teen Therapy Program
Experiential by Nature


San Juan Wilderness
Six to Nine WeekTherapeutic
Programs for
Troubled Teens and their Families.

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  • Licensed Therapeutic
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  • Colorado Dept of
    Education Accredited
  • 12 Years Experience
    with Troubled Teens
  • Tuition $250
    per day

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